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16 years old and dealing with depression and bulimia. high performance athlete just aspiring to be perfect. feel free to ask me anything loves! <3

I will never understand how i went from such a strong, happy, talented girl.. to someone who starves herself to death or makes herself throw up after every meal. I grew up believing I would make it to the olympics for gymnastics, and take home the gold. As the years went on i began to lose hope, and before I knew it my sick corruptive thoughts took over. I used to love spending time with my family and friends.. always laughing and smiling, having a good time. Now, id rather be alone, miserable in a dark place harming myself. Unfortunately, I can no longer do that either. I am finally saying this is the end.. I cant necessarily say its anyones fault, nor is it fair to blame anyone. My family has been nothing but good to me, and although I may not make them think it, they have. Its others that have made me feel like a worthless piece of shit. Playing with my mind, leading me to believe i am never have been and never will be good enough. I know im not perfect, but it was never fair to use me or play me, and make me feel this way. This has all gone on far to long and i am no longer strong enough to handle it. I hate who I am. I am ugly, fat, worthless, dumb ect. This is the end. I cant imagine going on another day in this life. But i just want to say thank you to those who have helped keep me around this long. When i think about the future, I know its not there, and i know this is my only way out.

— 1 year ago
whats a good kind of diet pills?

ones you can find at the drug store, or grocery store?!?!

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time to under eat and over exercise 

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hi know i havent been on in a while, but thats because i wasnt depressed anymore and i was getting over my bulimia….

but im back.. which only means shits bad again.

— 1 year ago


123 pounds. how the fuck did i gain so much

— 1 year ago

someone help me:(

now that im working and i get money, im always going out to buy binge food!!

1) its making me fat

2) i could be spending the money on nice things 

— 1 year ago
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just ordered a large pizza

and guess whos about to eat the whooooole thing? :)

— 1 year ago
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octobers my month

my bday is oct 31. that means i have 31 days to lose those last 7 pounds.

117 to 110.. lets do this!!

weight loss buddie pleeeease msg me:) anyone?

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just binged and i cant purge fml

— 1 year ago

woke up, 115 pounds. 5 more to go 

— 1 year ago

i miss him so fucking much.

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